In this collection, MUZA discusses piracy.  According to MUZA, women in piracy were greatly neglected.  However, history also reveals many cases when representatives of the “weaker sex” were pirates themselves.  Many of them were a real "headache" in their time.


 MUZA carries the image of a pirate woman today and puts her on the streets of modern cities.  Who is she?  According to MUZA, she is a woman who managed to weave, in one image, the impudence, fearlessness and adventurism of a true pirate, with femininity, romanticism, and gentleness.


 “The gene for piracy is in each of us. We just need to allow ourselves to sometimes set our inner pirate free.  Clothing is just a small touch that will allow our inner rebel to express itself. Feminine accents can actually emphasize masculinity.  I am sure that the pirates of the 21st century have not lost the strength of their ancestors. They only translate that strength into the language of our time, ”says MUZA brand designer MUrtazaevaZArema.


Thinking over the collection and studying the stories of women of different eras of piracy, we cannot ignore the vibrant lives of women like Maria Lindsay, Charlotte Badger, and JacoDelachai. That’s why a number of products from our collection bear the names of these legendary women.

The collection of MUrtazaeva ZArema boldly uses elements of masculine clothes, and masterfully interpreting them into women's clothing.  As a result, the collection perfectly combines masculinity and femininity.  This game of opposites can safely be called the recognizable handwriting of the MUZA brand today.

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