I started inventing garments before I even learned how to speak.

I was born in Uzbekistan. Creating and inventing has always been my dream, but for a long time, it remained only an idea. Guided by my parents, I studied to be a Chemical Engineer.


In 1991, when the USSR crumbled, I first heard my family referred to as “refugees”. My parents moved to Crimea, while I stayed in Saint Petersburg. In this place, my childhood dreams became a reality. The completion of a fashion design degree at Saint-Petersburg State University of Industrial Technologies and Design was the first step toward the fulfillment of my dream.


The many-sided nature of the Woman-Muse was a fount of inspiration for me. Who is she? What she is? What does she think? How does she see this world? What makes her moods? And what is the secret that drives her to inspire, give her ideas wings, and lead the world?


The turning point in my career was the birth of my daughter.  It was then that I realized that I want to devote my future to the creation of my own brand. The MUZA brand.

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