Our philosophy

Welcome to the MUZA world. The world of handmade, luxury quality, designer clothes. The world of individuality, modern classics, the fashion world. Inspired by a complex Woman-Muse, we present the Muse in collections to be aristocratic like the English, reckless like the French, self-assured like an American, and beautiful like a Slav. The woman who is fragile like a field poppy, linear like the geometry of a big city, as unpredictable as a synth-pop rhythmic pattern, and enigmatic like the Asian princess. It's just a small part of the Woman Muse that I've reflected in our clothes.


We create clothes for women who are ready for experiments, for women with a proactive approach to life, who prefer classics accordant with the pulse of the metropolis, who appreciate not just fashion but style. For the many-sided and many-faced woman, intellectual, developing and progressing, and not limited to one single image. It’s an incarnation of all facets of the Muse: Mother, Wife, Rebel, Citizen, Personality.


The list is infinite.


So this is all about women - Muse. The MUZA world is made for her.


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